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Pig, Whole Roasted


Brined, seasoned, and slow roasted whole pig.

Pre-wrapped and foiled to keep heat in.

Additional Metal Display Tray to keep - $30

Prices may subject to change due to market - please call for accurate pricing.

  21-30lb. Minimum -   $400.00

Pig weight to number of people

25lb - Feeds 10-12 people

40lb - Feeds 20-30 people

60lb - Feeds 35-45 people

80lb - Feeds 60-65 people

100lb - Feeds 80-90 people

Directions for warming up food will be included.

Serving Sizes Per Person: Entrée - 5-6oz. / Sides - 4oz.

All foods and can be delivered/picked up hot & fully cooked, or cold. Please Specify.

All Food Trays and Party Supplies must be ordered 3-4 days in advance.
Pick-up from Shop is FREE, No Charge.
Delivery charge varies by mileage (
$25 minimum order amount).
Gratuities not included, but appreciated.