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Flounder, Stuffed- 8-10 Family Package


Stuffed with tender baby
shrimp and lump crabmeat.

Accompanied by 3 sides of your choice and a dessert.

The following items are included with this meal package:
Entrée  •  3 Sides  •  1 Dessert

Servings: 8-10 People, $275.95



Directions for warming up the food will be included with the meal package.


Serving Sizes Per Person: Entrée - 5-6oz. / Sides - 4oz.

All meals are pre-made and can be delivered/picked up hot & fully cooked, or cold. Please Specify.

All Food Trays and Party Supplies must be ordered 2 days in advance.
Pick-up from Shop is FREE, No Charge.
Delivery charge varies by mileage (
$25 minimum order amount).
Gratuities not included, but appreciated.