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Bread Rolls


Soft and Fresh!
These bread rolls are baked fresh daily.

Perfect for making sandwiches, hoagies, or dipping in your favorite sauces.

Each roll type is sold per 6 pieces or dozen depending on the item.

Available in:

3ft Hoagie Roll, $21.25/1pc

Hoagie 9", $4.70/6pc

Hamburger Buns $6.80/dz

Hamburger Buns w/ sesame $6.80/dz

Hot dog buns, $4.50/dz

Focaccia Rolls $9.00/dz

Snowflake $5.95/dz

 Kaiser $5.30/dz

Kaiser, wheat $6.70/dz

Party (6in) Roll $6.80/dz

Torpedo Roll $6.04/dz

Torpedo Roll, wheat $6.80/dz

Dinner (reg, sesame, or poppy)  $5.35/dz

 Capri Roll 11in. -  $5.10/6pcs; 7.90/dz

Capri Roll 11in, wheat - 8.65/dz

Keep Cold. Refrigerate after use.

Contains Gluten.

All Food Trays and Party Supplies must be ordered 3-4 days in advance.
Pick-up from Shop is FREE, No Charge.
Delivery charge varies by mileage (
$25 minimum order amount).
Gratuities not included, but appreciated.