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Beef Wellington


Beef Wellington
Tender filet seasoned & sautéed with fresh shallots & cremini mushrooms, and wrapped in prosciutto and a flaky puff pastry.

Comes fully cooked or **uncooked - just needs to be baked


Center cut Loin, approx. 3lbs: Serves 6-8, $115.00
1 Full Loin approx. 5-5.5lbs: Serves 12-16, $200.00

**Must cook to desired internal temperature **

Bleu: 110F                                                           Rare: 120-130F

Medium Rare: 130-135F                 Medium: 135-145F

Medium Well: 145-155F       Well Done: 155F and up


Refrigerate after use.

Contains Meat & Gluten.

All Food Trays and Party Supplies must be ordered 3-4 days in advance.
Pick-up from Shop is FREE, No Charge.
Delivery charge varies by mileage (
$25 minimum order amount).
Gratuities not included, but appreciated.